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『2008 Cristal』雙滿分 頂級香檳 A+B=兩瓶合購特價 售完
特惠價: A+B=兩瓶合購特價 售完

A, Louis Roederer,Cristal 2008’(JS:100’,JD:100’) 全世界第一款頂級香檳

B, Veuve Clicquot,Gold Label Reserve Brut 2008’(Decanter:96’) 世紀年份/木桶陳化年份香檳

組合1、Veuve Clicquot,Gold Label Reserve Brut 2008’(Decanter:96’) 世紀年份/木桶陳化年份香檳

酒款名稱 Veuve Clicquot,Gold Label Reserve Brut 2008’(Decanter:96’) 世紀年份/木桶陳化年份香檳
年份 2008’
葡萄品種 35% Chardonnay, 5% Meunier and 60% Pinot Noir
售價 NT$3200
介紹/說明 凱歌酒莊始創於18世紀。Veuve Clicquot與Dom Perignon、 Kurg等頂級香檳都是隸屬『世界奢侈品集團LVMH』、為全球最知名的品牌之一。
試飲評論 Decanter Score : 96’
Tasting Note; It is quite something to be invited to the launch of Champagne Veuve Clicquot 2008 at Clos des Lambrays, one of the finest grands crus of Burgundy’s Côte de Nuits and acquired by LVMH in April 2014. It was rumoured to have paid close to €100m. The Veuve Clicquot 2008 is VC Chef de Caves Dominique Demarville’s first solo vintage. What fascinated him at Lambrays was winemaker Thierry Brouin’s consummate talent in capturing from the red iron-rich soil a wonderfully bright character in the wine- so fresh, rich yet elegant, density and delicacy in magical harmony. The same can be said for my two coups de coeur in Clicquot 2008. -- Veuve Clicquot 2008 (Magnum) --- Shimmering green-gold. Easily up several notches from the bottle. Perfect balance of freshness, ripe acidity and complex vinosity to come. Near perfect wine, patina of seasoned spice of subtle oak. --- Elegant and complex Champagne with plenty of fine mousse and flavours of toast, smoke and roasted fruit notes to balance the fresh acidity. A refined and refreshing fullbodied wine in a gastronomic style with the potential to drink well for many years.

凱歌酒莊始創於18世紀。Veuve Clicquot與Dom Perignon、 Kurg等頂級香檳都是隸屬『世界奢侈品集團LVMH』、為全球最知名的品牌之一。

凱歌夫人是品牌的代表&核心人物。她擁有過人的聰明才智,更不斷地尋求創新,改寫了香檳釀造史:其中包括 ,首創了香檳區的年份香檳酒款(Millésime),成為首款僅用單一年份的收成釀制的香檳酒。 又發明了 「轉瓶桌」(table de remuage),通過在桌內轉動香檳瓶,收集酒渣到瓶口來得到清澈、品質上乘的香檳。 最指標性的是發明了香檳區首個混釀法釀制的桃紅香檳。
凱歌夫人也被眾人尊稱為“香檳的偉大夫人”(La Grande Dame de la Champagne)。


Wine Spectator Score: 93’  /Release Price $75 /Issue Dec 15, 2017
Tasting Note; A vivid version, like raw silk on the palate, with a powerful frame of acidity well-meshed with saline-tinged, minerally underpinnings and flavors of black currant, apricot, almond biscotti and crystallized honey. Disgorged February 2016. Drink now through 2030.

組合2、Louis Roederer,Cristal 2008’(JS:100’,JD:100’) 雙滿分,頂級水晶香檳

酒款名稱 Louis Roederer,Cristal 2008’(JS:100’,JD:100’) 雙滿分,頂級水晶香檳
年份 2008’
葡萄品種 Chardonnay
售價 NT$11000
介紹/說明 無論是香檳專家或專刊所列出的頂尖香檳品牌-Louis Roederer Cristal 一定都名列其上,是香檳鑑賞家們絕對不會錯過的珍釀。
試飲評論 2012’Wine Enthusiast Rating:98’
As the first 100% biodynamic Cristal, entirely from Roederer-owned vineyards, this is an important milestone. This latest incarnation is a great Champagne with its density, elegance and poise. Still impressively young, the wine is taut, tightly wound and textured. At the same time, it has pure, ripe white and citrus fruits that are perfumed, and an important part of this wine’s long-term future. Drink at the earliest from 2023.Cellar Selection

2012’Wine Spectator Score:97’
A classic beauty, fresh-faced and focused today but with a harmonious grace of form suggesting a long career ahead. There’s a creamy, viscous quality to the mousse that swathes the palate, carrying finely detailed flavors of poached quince, Mandarin orange preserves, toasted almond and pickled ginger. Mouthwatering throughout, with a pleasing, soft zestiness to the mineral-laced finish. Drink now through 2035.

路易.侯德爾香檳 (Louis Roederer Champagne)創立於1776年,從1833年Louis Roederer一世到現在一直由同一家族所擁有,是極少數目前還維持家族獨立經營的知名香檳酒莊,而追求極致的品質是其不變的家族傳統。
十九世紀中-Louis Roederer已成為頂尖的世界性品牌。

俄國沙皇亞力山大二世(Tsar Alexander II)指定Louis Roederer為其御用酒莊;
1876年更在沙皇的要求下,釀製出全世界第一款頂級香檳「水晶香檳(Cristal)」。無論是香檳專家或專刊所列出的頂尖香檳品牌-Louis Roederer一定都名列其上,是香檳鑑賞家們絕對不會錯過的珍釀。

2006’ Decanter Rating:97’
Tasting Note: Fantastic from the start. A colossal power of beautiful rumbling Pinot maturity. It’s like chewing on the ripest grapes from Ay and Verzenay. At the same time ultra stylish: unmistakable Cristal essence of peach and mango sweetness, pineapple, coconut, vanilla, sprightly acidity and citrus blossom. Many similarities with 2002 but with a clearer Pinot touch.

2006’ James Suckling Rating:97’
Tasting Note:Deep pinot-driven presence is the first and lasting impression. Power with control. Superfine bead, bread and spiced biscuits, candied ripe red fruits and a sense of tight-knit complexity. Some grapefruit, lemon pith & gently flinty notes too - impressive nose. In the mouth it is rich, powerful, mouth-filling and flavorsome with a core of the same biscuity red fruit flavor, savory nutty notes and a wrap of assertive, persistent acidity that holds rich powerful flavor deep and focused whilst maintaining a polished, gently creamy texture. Long chalky bread and biscuit finish. A superb pinot-driven vintage.

2007’ James Suckling Rating:96’
Tasting Note:Aromas of ginger, sliced dried pineapple, mango and tea. Full-bodied, dense and intense. Really fresh and delicious. Tangy acidity. Very long and flavorful finish. A vibrant and delicious Cristal. Hard to decide if this is better than or the same as 2005. Drink or hold.

2007’ WA Rating 95 /Drink Date 2016 – 2030 /Reviewed by Stephan Reinhardt
Issue Date 30th Jun 2016 Source /225, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon calls Cristal "the first terroir cuvée of the Champagne." He furthers, "It’s not just Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, but the chalk that brings the ultimate finesse, length and precision of Cristal." Forty-five blocks with averaging age of 43-years-old, low-yielding vines form the base of Cristal, which is usually made of approximately 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. Due to an early bud break (end of March) and the wet summer, the 2007 was picked at the end of August, so almost 100 days after the flowering instead of the normal 93-95 days. There is a bit less Pinot Noir than usual (57%) and accordingly, more Chardonnay (43%) in the 2007 Cristal. This Champagne comes along in a golden color and with a deep and matured, yet well-defined bouquet of ripe yellow fruits and honey notes. Full-bodied, round and very complex, the generous 2007 is a perfect mix of ripe fruit and precise minerality. It is a silky textured, pure and precise, as well as powerful and expressive Champagne. It has great tension and grip in the very long and persistent finish. Great expression of chalk. The 2007 was disgorged in 2015. The 2009 is to be released in September; the 2008 won’t be in the market earlier than January 2018. Neither a 2010 nor a 2011 will be released, but a 2012.

2008’ James Suckling Rating:100’
Tasting Note: Disgorged October 2016 and will be the first Cristal to be released ten years from harvest when it is offered in 2018. 35 parcels used from a possible 45 in this vintage. The assemblage is 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. This is so fresh and tense and mineral with extremely exuberant Chardonnay notes on the nose of white peach, lemon and yellow grapefruit, and hints of almost brambly sous bois aromas. The yeast characters are also super fresh, and there are subtle woody notes, with a hint of vanilla bean and light spices. The palate is super long, and very pure, powerful and focused. It drives deep and taut. Pinot Noir is a strong core and the Chardonnay sits at the edge offering lemon and white nectarine sorbet flavors. Staggeringly concentrated, yet the balance makes it seem airy and light. Acidity is perfectly positioned, and the power is intense and long. This is an ultra precise Cristal, finishing with a mere suggestion of savoriness and warmth to come. (10/2019)

2008’ Jeb Dunnuck Rating:100’
Tasting Note: The 2008 Cristal is a perfect wine, and Champagne simple does not get any better. This incredible wine offers a beautiful perfume of clean, crisp fruits, layers of complexity in its toasted spice and white flowers, and an utterly seamless, yet powerful style on the palate. This is a rich, decadent expression of Cristal yet it’s still crystalline and elegant, with no sensation of weight, and it just glides over the palate. Haut Couture at its finest and this majestic, profound, legendary Cristal can be drunk anytime over the coming 2-3 decades. (12/2018)


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