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美/德/法『 Riesling』白酒 (A+B+C)*2=6瓶合購特價 $4450
特惠價: (A+B+C)*2=6瓶合購特價 $4450

(A+B+C)*2=6瓶合購特價 $4450

A, Chateau Ste-Michelle,Eroica Riesling 2016’(WA:91’)
世界十大白酒釀酒師~Dr.Loosen與美國華盛頓知名酒廠Ste. Michelle的聯姻之作.想一窺『精緻型歐美混血』佳作白酒風貌的人,不要錯過!!

B, St. Urbans-Hof Estate, Old Vine Riesling 2017'(WE:90 ')
德國60年荖藤 Riesling白酒;五次獲選 WS 年度百大。

C, Hugel,Riesling Classic Alsace 2015'(WA:90’)
Hugel是法國 Alasce產區最負盛名的酒廠;這是一款高雅的Dry Riesling白酒。

組合1、Hugel,Classic Riesling Alsace 2015’(WA:90’) 高雅的 Dry Riesling

酒款名稱 Hugel,Classic Riesling Alsace 2015’(WA:90’) 高雅的 Dry Riesling
年份 2015’
葡萄品種 Riesling
售價 NT$1150
介紹/說明 Hugel是法國 Alasce產區~最負盛名的酒廠;這是一款高雅的Dry Riesling白酒-隱藏著濃郁的蘋果, 稻草&礦石香--酒體均衡--餘味有檸檬汁香氣~

試飲評論 2015’ WA Rating 90 / Drink Date 2018 – 2025 / Reviewed by Stephan Reinhardt
Issue Date 1st Jul 2017 /Source 231, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; Sold as Riesling Tradition until vintage 2012, the 2015 Riesling Classic shows a perfectly ripe, elegant and intense nose. Full-bodied, round and creamy on the palate, due to 20+ percent of botrytis, this is an intense, complex and salty Riesling with good grip, tension and freshness. A really gorgeous entry into the family that was sourced 60% in the Schoenenbourg.

HUGEL賀加爾酒莊位於法國阿爾薩斯產區,是最具歐陸風的地理位置,HUGEL 賀加爾酒莊於1639年成立,父子代代相傳,是財物獨立的家族事業,現有三名第12代家族成員管理。因為該地理位置,所以曾遭受過戰火的影響,也曾經歷過德國的統治,但是長期以來,HUGEL 賀加爾酒莊都堅持自己傳統的法國風格。也因居於內陸,屬於乾燥的氣候,所產出的葡萄酒都屬於緊實並且緊緻的香氣。

Hugel Riesling :這是一款高雅的Dry Riesling白酒-隱藏著濃郁的蘋果, 稻草&礦石香--酒體均衡--餘味有檸檬汁香氣~


組合2、Chateau Ste-Michelle,Eroica Riesling 2016’(WA:91’)德國白酒名家 Dr. Loosen合作佳釀 售完

酒款名稱 Chateau Ste-Michelle,Eroica Riesling 2016’(WA:91’)德國白酒名家 Dr. Loosen合作佳釀 售完
年份 2016’
葡萄品種 Riesling
售價 NT$1300
介紹/說明 此為世界十大白酒釀酒師~著名的德國人~Dr.Loosen與美國華盛頓知名酒廠Chateau Ste. Michelle的聯姻之作.想一窺『精緻型歐美混血』佳作白酒風貌的人,不要錯過!!

試飲評論 Wine Advocate Rating:91’
Tasting Note; The 2016 Riesling Eroica is a great success, offering up a fragrant but elegantly understated bouquet of peaches, white cherries, lychee and citrus blossom. On the palate, it’s light to medium-bodied, off-dry and stony, with mouthwatering acids and refreshing spritz. For the price, it’s hard to beat.

Chateau Ste Michelle - 聖美堡酒莊-跨世紀的偉大傑作、美國華盛頓州最具代表性酒莊
連續十六年蟬聯Wine & Spirit 年度風雲酒廠 / Wine Spectator年度百大風雲酒廠
賀!Chateau Ste.Michelle 榮獲 IWSC國際葡萄酒暨烈酒競賽 頒發< 2012美國年度最佳酒莊 >

2002 - 與德國名莊Dr.Loosen合作釀造的逐粒精選甜白酒得到Wine Spectator 98分超高肯定,刷新自己的紀錄、再次挑戰華盛頓白酒最高分紀錄!
Eroica Single Berry Select 2000
2004 - Wine Spectator 評鑑美國年度百大風雲酒莊 - Eroica 麗絲玲白酒五度榮獲年度百大酒款
2008 – Chateau Ste Michelle 干型麗絲玲白酒在德國麗絲玲白酒競賽中贏得最佳「新世界麗絲玲白酒」。 “Best Riesling of the New World” in International Riesling Competition in Germany
– 十四度獲評Wine Spectator 年度百大風雲酒莊,尚無其他酒莊能破此紀錄。

此酒來頭不小, 為世界十大白酒釀酒師~著名的德國人~Dr.Loosen與美國華盛頓知名酒廠Chateau Ste. Michelle的聯姻之作. 使用的葡萄品種正是德國最知名的白葡萄品種: Riesling.想一窺『精緻型歐美混血』佳作白酒風貌的人,不要錯過!!

eRobertParker.com #204
Mar 2013
David Schildknecht 90 Drink: 2013 - 2019
For thoughts on Chateau Ste Michelle’s uniqueness and recent evolution, consult my extensive April, 2013 text designed to introduce recent tasting notes. The Ste Michelle-Loosen 2011 Riesling Eroica is scented with lime, apple blossom, clover, honeydew and mint, and gushes with juicy honeydew and apple fruit, its vivacity and (at 11% alcohol) levity reflecting the long, cool growing season including a summer without the usual hundred-degree heat spikes. But for all of that vivacity and lift, this Riesling is also downright lush, making for a refreshingly sorbet-like, metaphorically cooling impression. Its sweetness – at 22 grams – is perfectly judged to support the fruit but not be obvious or get in the way of the wine’s versatility. While not hugely complex, it’s irresistible and impressively persistent, with hints of salt and stone suggesting the basis for future call-and-response. Plan to enjoy this outstanding value over the next half dozen or so years, and I would not be at all surprised to witness it benefiting from bottle age.

組合3、St. Urbans-Hof Estate Old Vine Riesling 2017’(WE:90’) 五次榮獲Wine Spectator百大葡萄酒之選

酒款名稱 St. Urbans-Hof Estate Old Vine Riesling 2017’(WE:90’) 五次榮獲Wine Spectator百大葡萄酒之選
年份 2017’
葡萄品種 Riesling
售價 NT$1050
介紹/說明 這是莊園 荖藤 Riesling白酒;五次入選Wine Spectator Top 100百大葡萄酒!!
試飲評論 Wine Enthusiast Rated 90
Tasting Note;Slate and crushed earth tones permeate from start to finish in this racy, intensely mineral Riesling. Just a shade off dry on the palate, it offers concentrated tangerine and lemon-skin flavors offset by a steely tang. This vibrant wine should open and improve through 2022.

Urbans-Hof Estate Old Vine Riesling 2016 五次入選Wine Spectator Top 100百大葡萄酒!!

酒款介紹:使用40~60年的荖藤葡萄,來自於「聖烏班-荷芙酒莊(St.Urbans-Hof)」位於Mosel產區的莊園,共35公頃大的葡萄園,其中亦包含Ockfener Bockstein (柏肯園)、Piesporter Goldtröpfchen(金滴園)等知名特級園(Grand Cru)。釀造與裝瓶皆在酒莊莊園內完成,是酒莊最重要的代表性酒款。完美地表現出Mosel產區的風土特色,以及讓人無法忘懷的明亮礦物感和的深度。
五次榮獲Wine Spectator Top 100百大葡萄酒之選。


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