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澳洲/阿根廷 頂尖好酒 2A+2B=四瓶合購 特價 $9500
特惠價: 2A+2B=四瓶合購 特價 $9500

2A+2B=四瓶合購 特價 $9500 

A, Glaetzer,Amon Ra 2017’(WA:96’) 全知之眼;澳洲近年最火紅的膜拜酒。
B, Catena Zapata, Nicolas 2015' (JS:96')
2018 阿根廷G20 領袖晚宴用酒;Decanter雜誌在2007年給它新世界偶像酒封號。

組合1、Catena Zapata,Nicolas 2015’(JS:96’) 2018’ 阿根廷 G20 領袖晚宴用酒 Vivino 4.5 ★★★★★

酒款名稱 Catena Zapata,Nicolas 2015’(JS:96’) 2018’ 阿根廷 G20 領袖晚宴用酒 Vivino 4.5 ★★★★★
年份 2015’
葡萄品種 83% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Malbec
售價 NT$2950
介紹/說明 Nicolas 是Catena與Chateau Lafite合作生產的旗艦酒。在多次世界盲飲比賽~榮獲桂冠 ; 打敗 Opus One , Haut Brion ..等世界名酒-品醇客(Decanter)雜誌在2007年給它新世界偶像酒封號!!
試飲評論 2015’ James Suckling Rating :96’
Tasting Note; A giant. Not only in Argentina’s strong suit in terms of power, it also shows finesse and aromatic complexity. There are all manner of blackberries, smoke, chocolate and spicy notes. Built on a panoramic scale, but full of energy and enormous refinement. The finish cascades on and on. A blend of 83% cabernet sauvignon and 17% malbec. Try in 2021.

2015’ Tim Akin Rating :96’
Tasting Note; The 2015 Nicolás has the highest ever percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon, with 17% Malbec for company and is a stunning blend that’s right up there with some of the best vintages of the wine. Floral, minty and refined, it has subtle, spicy oak, notes of green herbs and red fruits, tangy acidity and remarkable palate length. One for the cellar.
May 2018

如果阿根廷Mendoza門多薩省有皇室,那一定會是Catena Zapata (卡帝那沙巴達)的朝代。
經過多年努力及與法國頂級酒莊Chateau Lafite的合作~Catena Zapata
http://www.catenawines.com/eng/wines/ncz/ncz.html已是世界知名酒廠 ;並且是 阿根廷頂級酒款的先驅。Decanter 2009年給予Nicolas Catena先生『Man of The Year』榮耀頭銜~就正式宣告~阿根廷Catena Zapata的朝代來臨。

這款旗艦酒Nicolas 是Catena Zapata與法國頂級酒莊Chateau Lafite合作生產的旗艦酒款;是近年最受囑目的新世界偶像之星。年年獲Robert Park 97-98高分!!在多次世界盲飲比賽~榮獲桂冠 ; 打敗 Opus One , Haut Brion ..等世界名酒-品醇客(Decanter)雜誌在2007年給它新世界偶像酒封號!!

這款頂級酒還有一個特殊作法~"讓橡木與葡萄酒做了深度的混合"~用225公升小型橡木桶去做發酵,將葡萄汁打入不塞桶塞的橡木桶中,但是這個方法僅能使用人工處理, 花費更多人力,物力與時間,但同時也更柔和的對待了這些嬌貴的液體,此舉能讓桶味與果香充分混合,根據酒廠代表稱,現今同樣使用這個方法的只有美國加州膜拜酒廠Harlan Estate與澳洲頂頂大名的Penfolds Grange。

2004’ WA Rating 98+ / Drink Date 2018 – 2058 / Reviewed by Jay S Miller
Issue Date 28th Dec 2007 /Source 174, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note: Catena Zapata’s flagship is the Nicolas Catena Zapata, a Cabernet Sauvignon-Malbec blend. The 2004 Nicolas Catena Zapata is composed of 72% Cabernet Sauvignon and 28% Malbec. It spent 18 months in 100% new French oak. A saturated black purple in color, it has an aristocratic perfume of pain grille, mineral, espresso, saddle leather, cassis, black currant, and black raspberry. Opulently textured, complex, ripe, and sweet on the palate, it maintains a sense of elegance as well as power. It demands 10-15 years of further cellaring and should still be providing pleasure at age 50. It strikes me as being Argentina’s equivalent of a great vintage of Lafite-Rothschild. 

Wine Advocate #180
Dec 2008
Jay S Miller 98 Drink: 2015 - 2030 $80-$125 (120)
The flagship wines begin with the purple/black-colored 2005 Nicolas Catena Zapata, a blend of 78% Cabernet Sauvignon and 22% Malbec. The fruit was sourced from four of the estate’s finest high-elevation vineyards, and aged for 24 months in 100% new French oak. The brooding bouquet delivers pain grille, mineral, violet, scorched earth, pepper, espresso, black cherry, and black raspberry aromas leading to a dense, opulent wine with gobs of savory fruit, ripe tannins, terrific concentration, and a 60-second finish. Allow it 6-8 years in the cellar to reveal its full potential and enjoy it from 2015 to 2030.

eRobertParker.com # 184
Aug 2009
Jay Miller 97 Drink: N/A $67-$110 (125)
The 2006 Nicolas Catena Zapata is composed of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Malbec and spent 26 months in new French oak. It displays a superb perfume of pain grille, spice box, truffle, wild flowers, black cherry, and black currant. Rich, layered, dense, and complex, it, too, combines elegance and power. The wine is structured for the long haul and should easily see its 25th birthday, with 50 not out of the question. There is no track record, and I won’t be around to find out.
Wine Advocate #192
Dec 2010
Jay Miller 98 Drink: 2010 - 2032 $80-$135 (120)
The flagship, the 2007 Nicolas Catena Zapata, a blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Malbec, and the balance Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. It delivers an enthralling aromatic array of pain grille, pencil lead, mineral, espresso, mocha, incense, lavender, black currant, black cherry, and blackberry. This leads to a full-bodied, powerful yet elegant effort with great depth and volume, precision balance, and a voluptuous personality (a D-cup of a wine). It conceals plenty of structure and will effortlessly evolve for 6-8 years, drinking well through 2032 if not longer.
Wine Advocate #198
Dec 2011
Jay S Miller 98 Drink: 2011 - 2028 $80-$115 (135)
The 2008 Nicolas Catena Zapata is a blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Malbec, and the balance Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc that spent 24 months in 100% new French oak followed by 24 months in bottle prior to release. It delivers an inviting bouquet of wood smoke, pencil lead, espresso, incense, lavender, black currant, and black cherry. This sets the stage for a full-bodied, powerful yet elegant, beautifully proportioned effort with great depth and volume. It conceals plenty of structure and will effortlessly evolve for 6-8 years, drinking well through 2028, if not longer.
組合2、Glaetzer,Amon Ra 2017’(WA:96’) 全知之眼 -歡迎洽詢其中年份

酒款名稱 Glaetzer,Amon Ra 2017’(WA:96’) 全知之眼 -歡迎洽詢其中年份
年份 2017’
葡萄品種 Shiraz
售價 NT$3500
介紹/說明 漫畫<神之雫> 23集 145P -如此簡單扼要形容『好濃的香氣-比第七使徒"Sine Qua Non"有過之而無不及』『這款酒所代表的意義,就是:"發現"』
試飲評論 2006’ WA Rating 95’ /Drink Date 2010 – 2022 /Reviewed by Lisa Perrotti-Brown
Issue Date 23rd Dec 2010 /Source 192, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; Barely budging in hue, the 2006 Amon-Ra Shiraz gives a very deep purple-black color and earthy, gamey aromas of forest floor, moss covered bark, Peking duck skin, mulberries, dried plums, blackberry preserves, incense, cinnamon stick and cloves. Very crisp, concentrated and full with medium-firm velvety tannins, it presents a slightly warm yet long and engaging finish. It’s approachable now and should continue to develop, drinking to 2022+.

2015’ Vinous Media 95 points!
“Inky purple. Explosive black and blue fruit, vanilla, Indian spices and floral scents show superb clarity and pick up a smoky nuance with aeration. Coats the palate with sweet blueberry, cherry-vanilla, cola and fruitcake flavors that show an uncanny blend of richness and vivacity. Finishes with outstanding energy and thrust and serious persistence; supple tannins lend shape. A large-scaled, emphatically fruity wine and, at 15.5 percent (declared) alcohol, no poster child for elegance, but I find it almost shockingly graceful for its sheer depth and mass.”
Josh Raynolds, Vinous Media, October 2017

2015’ James Halliday 95 points!
“From vines 50-130yo yielding 2 tonnes/acre, open-fermented, hand-plunged three times daily, matured for 16 months in new French (95%) and American (5%) hogsheads for 16 months, unfiltered. It’s hard to say which of the fruit, alcohol, tannins or oak makes the biggest impact in this blockbuster wine, beyond the normal parameters of full-bodied shiraz. Anyone who buys it will surely know what they will experience, and in the context of its style, it is difficult to criticise.”James Halliday Wine Companion, August 2017

2017’ WA Rating 96 /Drink Date 2020 – 2035 / Reviewed by Joe Czerwinski
Issue Date 12th Jun 2019 /Source June 2019 Week 2, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note: A profound example of Ebenezer fruit and skilled winemaking, the 2017 Amon Ra Shiraz is full-bodied and velvety in texture, picking up more nuances the longer it sits in the glass. Floral and mint notes appear on the nose, along with a mix of raspberries, blackberries and baking spices. There’s plenty of new oak, but it’s been mostly absorbed into the wine, leaving a drink that’s rich and sumptuous. And just when you think it’s over, a bit of licorice appears on the long finish to add a pleasant finale.

澳洲傳奇酒莊~Glaetzer (格萊佐酒莊)-
澳洲葡萄酒界教父級的釀酒師柯林‧格萊佐 (Colin Glaetzer)於1995年創立自有品牌”格萊佐酒莊”~柯林與他同為釀酒師的兒子班(Ben Glaetzer),採用谷中Ebenezer區在乾燥氣候下生長的老藤所產出的葡萄並於釀製過程盡量減少人工干預-以釀造出他們夢想中-(Barossa Valley)最頂級質精的標竿紅酒為目標。

現在-班(Ben Glaetzer)承繼家業-更上層樓,知名評酒家Robert Parker更是稱許Ben Glaetzer為天才釀酒師-因為他總是能將其葡萄園裡的希哈(Shiraz)跟其他葡萄品種轉換變化出世界一級的酒。其酒款Amon-Ra、Anaperenna(前身為Godolphin)為其代表作,而他跟他父親Colin Glaetzer聯手釀製的碧莎Bishop、華萊士Wallance更是能將巴羅莎谷地葡萄園的風土條件表現到最極致的巔峰---

Glaetzer酒莊所產的各系列紅酒~受到權威酒評Robert Parker,Wine Spectator & James Halliday高度評價~是澳洲的一顆最閃亮的超級明星……

Glaetzer, Amon -Ra 2010’(WA:97’)-
Glaetzer, Amon -Ra 2011’(WA:95+)-
Glaetzer, Amon -Ra 2012’(WA:97+)-
Glaetzer, Amon -Ra 2013’(WA:96)-
Amon-Ra名字源自於埃及神話是眾神之王(King of all Gods),最具權力之神。

酒標是只"全知之眼"(all-seeing eye of Horus)~是一個強有力的保護象徵-代表能接收六個感官知覺"six senses" ="觸覺,味覺,聽覺,思維,視覺和嗅覺"touch, taste, hearing, thought, sight and smell----班 (Ben Glaetzer)希望它的Amon-Ra能讓品嚐者六覺都能感受到-!!


漫畫<神之雫> 23集 145P -如此簡單扼要形容『好濃的香氣-比第七使徒"Sine Qua Non"有過之而無不及』『這款酒所代表的意義,就是:"發現"』

eRobertParker.com #219
Jun 2015
Lisa Perrotti-Brown 96 Drink: 2017 - 2030 $63 (110)
Deep garnet-purple colored, the 2013 Amon Ra has youthfully toned-down notes of blackcurrants, blackberry preserves, plums and cracked pepper with nuances of licorice, dark chocolate, cedar and black earth. The palate has wonderful balance and elegance for its commendable concentration and fullness, with tons of muscular fruit and spice layers framed by grainy tannins and just enough freshness, finishing with great persistence.
eRobertParker.com #211
Feb 2014
Lisa Perrotti-Brown 97+ Drink: 2015 - 2025 $63-$120 (110)
Very deep purple-black in color, the 2012 Amon Ra reveals intense notes of blackcurrant cordial, blackberry compote and licorice with nuances of cloves, allspice, chocolate box and salami as well as a whiff of espresso. The 100% Shiraz palate offers a beast of a wine that is densely packed with black fruit and baking spice flavors and is supported with firm, grainy tannins and crisp acid through to a finish with excellent persistence. Drink it 2015 to 2025+.
Wine Advocate #205
Feb 2013
Lisa Perrotti-Brown 95+ Drink: 2014 - 2025 $85-$105
Deep garnet-purple in color, the 2011 Amon-Ra shows off very spicy, peppery aromas over black fruit, anise and violets but is a bit closed beyond that. Perfumed and elegant on the palate, it is a very fresh, medium to full-bodied style of wine with just enough fruit to balance the medium-firm grainy tannins, crisp acidity and the long finish. Drink it from 2014-2025+.
Wine Advocate #205
Feb 2013
Lisa Perrotti-Brown 97 Drink: 2014 - 2026 $83-$110
Deep purple-black in color, the 2010 Amon-Ra is very closed on the nose showing pure black fruits, chocolate and licorice with just a touch of loam. Full-bodied and densely packed, the voluptuous palate is framed by firm, fine tannins and a crisp acid line. It has a long, well-balanced finish. Drink it from 2014-2026+.


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