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美國 & 義大利 暢銷紅酒 2A+2B+2C = 六瓶合購 特價 $6100
特惠價: 2A+2B+2C = 6瓶合購 特價 $6100

美國 & 義大利 暢銷紅酒 2A+2B+2C = 六瓶合購 特價 $6100


A, Caymus,Conundrum Red Blend 2017’(WW:89’)
來自Napa Valley 大名鼎鼎Caymus 出品謎園紅酒,豐富的漿果氣息,並帶有微妙煙燻味和燒烤香味。

B.J. Lohr, Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignon 2017’(AR:90’)
J. Lohr的CS紅酒有卓越的水準、曾榮獲Wine Enthusias「年度最佳美國酒廠」殊榮。

C, Tenuta Campo di Sasso, Insoglio del Cinghiale 2016'(WA:90')
這款山豬以Cabernet Franc,Melot & Syrah混釀,被喻為可以媲美波爾多Pomerol 的義國佳釀

組合1、J. Lohr, Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignon 2017’(AR:90’) 榮獲Wine Enthusias「年度最佳美國酒廠」殊榮。

酒款名稱 J. Lohr, Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignon 2017’(AR:90’) 榮獲Wine Enthusias「年度最佳美國酒廠」殊榮。
年份 2017’
葡萄品種 Cabernet Sauvignon
售價 NT$1800
介紹/說明 Paso Robles 產區的Cabernet Sauvignon紅酒有非常卓越的水準,J. Lohr榮獲Wine Enthusias「年度最佳美國酒廠」殊榮。
Tasting Note:Smoky and lean, this is built like a ripe Bordeaux, with a lovely tension between its oak frame and its dark purple fruit flavors. Decant it to let those flavors to meld before pouring for steak.

2016’ Tasting Panel Rating:95’
J. Lohr’s three Paso Robles estate vineyards—Shotwell in the El Pomar District, Beck in the Creston District, and Gean in the Adelaida District—are home to the grapes that make up this expressive red. Each site adds its own personality traits that, combined with a new proprietary yeast strain called the Hilltop isolate and the finest French oak barrels, result in the best-ever vintage for this iconic label (Clone 7 Cabernet Sauvignon was first planted at Hilltop Vineyard in 1989). The wine, which has 6% Petit Verdot and 4% Cab Franc blended in, makes a memorable first impression with serious scents of blue fruit covered in violets. Dense on the palate, graphite joins notes of plum, tar, and licorice as well as curvaceous yet arresting tannins. The fruit engages with concentration and turns blacker and bolder on the finish.

J. LohrVineyards and Wines位於美國加州San Jose是相當著名的酒廠,從基本日常飲用的酒款到頂尖水準的高檔酒都有生產。這款卡本內蘇維翁紅酒是屬於「優質葡萄園(Vineyard Series)系列」,以自家特定的葡萄園栽植最適合的品種,原料葡萄都是人力採收,再經人工篩選,以生產高品質的葡萄酒。山丘頂(Hilltop)葡萄園位於Paso Robles產區,在本園因應不同的土壤種植了Cabernet Sauvignon,還有其他多種紅品種,運用在這款酒中增添豐富複雜的風味。

2014年份Paso Robles 產區的Cabernet Sauvignon紅酒有非常卓越的水準,是繼2007年份之後最好的年份。在Paso Robles 這一年的生長季非常順利完美,讓Cabernet Sauvignon表現出濃郁集中的酒質,品質非常優異。它經過100%法國橡木桶熟成18個月(60 %新桶),裝瓶後再窖藏一年才上市。

* 2010年榮獲專業品酒雜誌Wine Enthusiast遴選為「年度最佳美國酒廠」殊榮。

組合2、Caymus,Conundrum Red Blend 2017’(WW:89’) Napa Valley『謎園紅酒既大膽又神秘』

酒款名稱 Caymus,Conundrum Red Blend 2017’(WW:89’) Napa Valley『謎園紅酒既大膽又神秘』
年份 2017’
葡萄品種 Zinfandel and Petite Syrah.................
售價 NT$1750
介紹/說明 謎園紅酒既大膽又神秘,一開瓶就能嗅到深色水果、李子和豐富的漿果的層層氣息,並帶有微妙的煙燻味和一陣燒烤香味。
試飲評論 2017’ Wilfred Wong of Wine.com Rating:89’
COMMENTARY: The 2017 Conundrum Red Wine is an excellent example of the new genre of softer, barely sweet red wines are showing traction in the marketplace. TASTING NOTES: This wine is very ripe and smooth on the palate. Its aromas and flavors of port-like ripeness and candied violets should pair it nicely with grilled pork ribs and a slightly fiery sauce, or simply all by itself. (Tasted: July 15, 2019, San Francisco, CA)

謎園酒莊紅酒  產區:Napa Valley  品種:California Red Blend 酒精濃度:14%


Wilfred Wong of Wine.com ; WW Score:90’
Tasting Note; A mouthful of red wine, the 2014 Conundrum Red fills the palate with plenty of ripe fruit flavors. Layered and somewhat sweet, this wine delivers an attractive smooth silkiness that continues through its finish. Give it a slight chill and enjoy with a pepperoni pizza. (Tasted: September 11, 2017, San Francisco, CA)

組合3、Tenuta Campo di Sasso,Insoglio del Cinghiale 2016’(JS:92’)山豬-神之雫『擁有媲美頂級酒Le Pin的實力。』

酒款名稱 Tenuta Campo di Sasso,Insoglio del Cinghiale 2016’(JS:92’)山豬-神之雫『擁有媲美頂級酒Le Pin的實力。』
年份 2016’
葡萄品種 33% Cabernet Franc, 32% Syrah, 30% Merlot, 5% Petit Verdot
售價 NT$1450
介紹/說明 Insoglio del Cinghiale山豬-被"神之雫-第15集"喻為 可以媲美Bordeaux-Pomerol 價值不斐的【Le Pin】拉潘-的義大利佳釀
試飲評論 2016 James Suckling Score:92’
Tasting Note; This is a dense and beautiful red with dark berry and blueberry character. Currants,too. Spice and fresh herbs. Full body,layered and chewy. Give it a year or two to soften but already delicious.

ToscanaBibbona緊臨著名的DOC Bolgheri.- 羅德維可Lodovico Antinori認為

『這裡的風土條件與法國波爾多Saint Emilion and Pomerol非常相似』


Super Toscana超級巨星-Ornallaia & Solaia』的創造者- Lodovico Antinori Piero Antinori (Antinori主人)兩兄弟在ToscanaBibbona建立Tenuta di Biserno- 1995年起在 Campo di Sasso砂礫之丘』開始釀造葡萄酒-這裡的風土條件與法國波爾多Saint Emilion and Pomerol非常相似-2004年延攬天才釀酒師Micheal Rolland ;將以Merlot為主體的葡萄酒推上世界舞台-價格是Ornellaia的四分之一;味道確毫不遜色的超級葡萄酒於焉誕生-----


這款Insoglio del Cinghiale山豬】紅酒-首釀年份:2003


在神之滴漫畫第15集附錄中所出現的Insoglio del Cinghiale

山豬,作者:『擁有媲美頂級酒Le Pin的實力。』它來自義大利TOSCANABIBBONA,是由SyrahCabernet FrancMerlot調製出來的,屬於IGT分級。



國果實味道,在口裡蔓延開來.後味中有法式焦糖布丁甘苦餘韻.這陣子才喝過-歇爾.羅蘭大師顧問的超高級葡萄酒"拉潘",這不是在恭維,真得是重量級滋味,以媲美"Le Pin拉潘".對於Lodovico<羅德維大師>,佩服佩服
eRobertParker.com #215
Oct 2014
Monica Larner 90 Drink: 2014 - 2020 $26-$35 (30)
The 2013 Insoglio del Cinghiale is a blend of 35% Syrah, 30% Cabernet Franc, 30% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot. Only 45% of the wine is aged for four months in used French barrique, making for a very light oak imprint. In fact, Insoglio del Cinghiale is all about fresh fruit, with bold cherry and blackberry in center stage, thanks to the cooler growing conditions in 2013. It drinks beautifully right now, thanks to its honest, straightforward personality.


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