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北義大利的『Barolo & Barbaresco』三款特賣
特惠價: (A+ B+C)*2 = 六瓶合購-特價請洽詢


A, Ciabot Berton,Barolo DOCG 2011’(WE:93’) 典藏巴羅洛/陳年30個月 
這款Barolo 酒體飽滿,深沉,有力,陳年實力足,適飲期到2026.

B, Alfredo Prunotto, Barolo 2012'(WA:90')

C, Alfredo Prunotto, Barbaresco 2014'(WA:89')

組合1、Alfredo Prunotto,Barbaresco 2014’(WA:89’)[北義Alba] 釀酒業者對Prunotto高度評價

酒款名稱 Alfredo Prunotto,Barbaresco 2014’(WA:89’)[北義Alba] 釀酒業者對Prunotto高度評價
年份 2012’
葡萄品種 100% Nebbiolo
售價 NT$1900
介紹/說明 [北義大利Piedmont, Alba] 當地釀酒業者對Prunotto高度評價~!!!

試飲評論 2014 WA Rating 89 /Drink Date 2017 – 2025 /Reviewed by Monica Larner
Issue Date 1st Sep 2017 /Source 232, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; Prunotto’s 2014 Barbaresco is a fast-evolving wine that showed subtle shifts and changes over the course of the hour I kept the wine in the glass. On first glance, the wine shows a light color and lean consistency. The bouquet reveals white cherry, spice, leather and tobacco. After a few swirls, you start to recognize licorice, tar and more oxidative aromas of candied fruit. In the mouth, the wine shows medium weight and a crisp note of acidity on the close.

2012’ WS Score: 90’/ Release Price $45/ Issue Nov 30, 2015
Tasting Note; Juniper, wild herb, floral and berry flavors highlight this bright, delicate red. Solidly structured yet elegant, displaying fine length. Best from 2017 through 2025.

2011,五月造訪 [北義大利Alba] "我聽到許多當地釀酒業者對Prunotto高度評價~!!!"

普諾托酒廠的創始人Alfredo Prunotto先生是Piedmont產區非常有名的釀酒師,曾經為當地許多知名的酒廠工作過,於1923年買下一個位在Alba的酒窖(1904年成立),開始了自己的釀酒事業。作為單一葡萄園構想的創始者,普諾托酒廠不僅有著嚴謹的葡萄篩選過程,同時也在葡萄酒釀造過程中精益求精。由於Alfredo與太太持續的努力奉獻與對釀酒的無限熱情,很快地普諾托酒廠就在市場上嶄露頭角,成功地將酒款推廣到世界各地。1956年Alfredo退休後,將酒廠交付給他的好友,同時也是釀酒師的Beppe Colla先生,並於1989年由義大利指標性酒廠安蒂諾里(Antinori)買下,自1995年起全面接手經營釀酒事業,延續由Alfredo Prunotto傳承下來的熱情與優良品質,使普諾托的葡萄酒更具水果風味,卻又不失原本的風土特性


組合2、Alfredo Prunotto,Barolo 2013’(WA:91’) Piedmont 窖藏36個月出品的精品佳釀

酒款名稱 Alfredo Prunotto,Barolo 2013’(WA:91’) Piedmont 窖藏36個月出品的精品佳釀
年份 2013’
葡萄品種 100% Nebbiolo
售價 NT$2400
介紹/說明 這款Barolo在大型橡木桶裡陳年24個月後裝瓶,裝瓶後再窖藏熟成12個月才上市。在口中展現多種層次感,非常圓潤可口,豐富和濃郁的口感可感受出紮實的結構。

試飲評論 2012’ WA Rating 90 /Drink Date 2017 – 2028 /Reviewed by Monica Larner
Issue Date 28th Sep 2016 /Source Interim End of September, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; The 2012 Barolo is a smooth and silky expression that offers a genuine level of simplicity and pureness that sets this wine apart. The wine’s intensity is mild, but it offers elegantly understated tones of wild berry, ash, licorice and pressed rose petal. The finish is silky and tight, and although the wine does not play the extraction or power card, it does offer lingering finesse.

2013’ WA Rating 91 /Drink Date 2018 – 2028 /Reviewed by Monica Larner
Issue Date 1st Sep 2017 /Source 232, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; Here is a complete wine that shows a good balance and unity. The 2013 Barolo is subtle at first, but the bouquet opens surely and steadily with time. As it moves forward, it imparts tones of dried cherry, grilled herb and licorice root. The wine moves over the palate with soft intensity and mid-weight appeal. It offers more in terms of persistence than it does weight or density.

普諾托酒廠的創始人Alfredo Prunotto先生是Piedmont產區非常有名的釀酒師,曾經為當地許多知名的酒廠工作過,於1923年買下一個位在Alba的酒窖(1904年成立),開始了自己的釀酒事業。作為單一葡萄園構想的創始者,普諾托酒廠不僅有著嚴謹的葡萄篩選過程,同時也在葡萄酒釀造過程中精益求精。


1956年Alfredo退休後,將酒廠交付給他的好友,同時也是釀酒師的Beppe Colla先生,並於1989年由義大利指標性酒廠安蒂諾里(Antinori)買下,自1995年起全面接手經營釀酒事業,延續由Alfredo Prunotto傳承下來的熱情與優良品質,使普諾托的葡萄酒更具水果風味,卻又不失原本的風土特性。

Wine Spectator 92分 (2001年份), 91分 (2004年份), 90分 (2000、2003年份)
Wine Advocate 90分 (2003、2004年份)

Wine Advocate #197
Oct 2011
Antonio Galloni 90 Drink: 2014 - 2022 $60 (60)
The 2007 Barolo is plush, deep and powerful. It shows excellent balance in an approachable style. Crushed flowers, dried herbs and spices are layered into the finish. Ultimately, this is a fairly straightforward effort. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2022.

This is an impressive set of wines from Prunotto. From top to bottom, every wine in this lineup is well worth considering. It would be nice to see Prunotto take their outstanding Baroli and Barbareschi to the next level. Given the quality of their vineyards and the significant resources of the Antinori family these should be truly profound wines.
組合3、Ciabot Berton,Barolo DOCG 2011’(WE:93’) 典藏巴羅洛/陳年30個月

酒款名稱 Ciabot Berton,Barolo DOCG 2011’(WE:93’) 典藏巴羅洛/陳年30個月
年份 2011’
葡萄品種 Nebbiolo
售價 NT$1950
介紹/說明 這款Ciabot Berton Barolo是一款酒體飽滿、深沉、有力的酒款。陳年實力10~15年以上,適飲期長達2026年。

Ciabot Berton,Barolo DOCG 2011’(WE:93’) 典藏巴羅洛
葡萄來自Ciabot Berton獨有的海拔300公尺,日照充足的三個向陽斜坡特級園- Roggeri Cru、Bricco San Biagio Cru以及 Rive Cru,土壤以石灰質黏土為主,樹齡35年以上。傳統釀酒法,酒液浸皮20天,賦予完整的丹寧。在Barolo產區著名的斯洛維尼亞橡木桶(Slavonian oak)陳年30個月,最後在瓶中靜置6個月後才可裝瓶上市。
呈現明亮紅寶石色澤,香氣非常集中,濃郁的黑色成熟水果、黑巧克力、摩卡咖啡、柑橘皮、義大利濃縮咖啡、酒浸李子、黑櫻桃利口酒、西梅乾、甘草以及香料氣息。不同於ㄧ般La Morra產區的柔順淡雅Barolo,此Ciabot Berton Barolo是一款酒體飽滿、深沉、有力的酒款。陳年實力10~15年以上,適飲期長達2026年。
得獎資料 : -2011年份Wine Enthusiast 93分,Decanter -金牌

2011’ Wine Enthusiast Rating:93’
Tasting Note:Aromas of stewed berry, baking spice, fragrant blue flower and chopped herb emerge while the ripe palate shows juicy red cherry, crushed raspberry, cake spice and a hint of chewing tobacco alongside big, velvety tannins and fresh acidity. It’s already accessible but will maintain for another decade. Drink through 2026. KERIN O’KEEFE



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