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西班牙 Rioja/ Bierzo/ Toro 適飲好酒四款 特價促銷
特惠價: A+ B+C+D = 四瓶合購-特價請洽詢


A, La Rioja Alta,Gran Reserva『904』2005’(WA:96’) 十年一劍、老派Rioja釀製
B, Cvne Imperial Gran Reserva 2007’(WA:93+) 04’年份獲2013’WS年度百大第一名
C, Pintia ,D.O.Toro 2008’ (WA:95’) Vega Sicilia 在Toro的驕傲之作
D, Dominio de Tares,P3 Mencía Bierzo 2010’(WA:92’)曾獲WS西班牙葡萄酒 第五強

組合1、Pintia ,D.O.Toro 2008’ (WA:95’) Vega Sicilia 在Toro的驕傲之作

酒款名稱 Pintia ,D.O.Toro 2008’ (WA:95’) Vega Sicilia 在Toro的驕傲之作
年份 2008’
葡萄品種 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo)
售價 NT$3500
介紹/說明 Pintia 建立於1997年-是Vega Sicilia 在Toro的驕傲之作。

西班牙Bodegas y Vinedos Pintia 繽蒂亞酒廠

酒廠建立於1997年,與Alion阿里昂酒廠、Tokaj- Oremus歐瑞摩斯酒廠

樣都隸屬於擁有美麗葡萄酒傳奇的Vega Sicilia維嘉西西里酒廠旗下


1997年建立至今,雖然酒廠年齡尚輕,但Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠秉持著與Vega Sicilia維嘉西西里酒廠同樣的精神,堅守著高品質規範,以期許提供消費者最優質的享受。維嘉西西里酒廠在距離San Ramon de Hornija不到100公尺的地區購買了90公頃的土地, 45公頃為有種植2040年樹齡的葡萄園,而另外45公頃為皆未種植葡萄的土地。

自此之後便將此地命名為 “Toro” Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠第一次出擊就得到前所未有的成功。首批產量8萬瓶的葡萄酒上市一週就獲得好評,更是應要求將上市產量提高到14萬瓶。這樣的狀況並不在預期的目標當中,但正因如此,更可看出Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠的品質與實力。至今, Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠平均年產量皆在10萬瓶以上,而所創造的產值更是高達千萬歐元。


無論是從任何角度來說, Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠的表現都可稱的上是令人驚艷。Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠並不因葡萄酒產量高而降低了品質的要求,不僅如此,Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠更是致力於葡萄酒品質的鑽研,期許提供消費者絕佳的優雅享受。所以,就讓這個令人驚艷的優雅帶領大家一同在西班牙的葡萄酒世界裡翱翔吧!

Wine Advocate #206
Apr 2013
Neal Martin 95 Drink: N/A $39-$70
The 2008 Pintia has a fragrant bouquet with scents of dark plum, mulberry and fresh cherry, the new oak neatly folded into the fruit profile. The palate is medium-bodied with a fleshy, silky smooth entry. The tannins here are very fine with dark cherries, a touch of sloe and spices that become more pronounced toward the focused finish. This is perhaps the most feminine 2008 so far – less sexy than the 2007 but still seductive.








組合2、La Rioja Alta,Gran Reserva『904』2005’(WA:96’) 十年一劍、老派Rioja釀製

酒款名稱 La Rioja Alta,Gran Reserva『904』2005’(WA:96’) 十年一劍、老派Rioja釀製
年份 2005’
葡萄品種 90% Tempranillo,10% Graciano
售價 NT$2400
介紹/說明 Rioja Alta 904 是Gran Reserva 等級。須等上10年才可出家門,在這漫長的歲月裡,酒莊必須辛勤地在每6個月換桶,讓酒避免因為長年的存放於相同的木桶而有不良風味產生的可能。這款904在2005年一月入桶,2009年裝瓶,一直到2014年才上市 。

『La Rioja Alta」西班牙歷史悠久且品質卓越的老字號酒廠;在1890年成立的,所以酒莊的旗艦酒款就以『 890』命名之. 1904年合併了Ardanza酒莊,從此它的另一款佳作『904』這款酒也誕生 。

早期Rioja Alta以美國橡木桶為主,後來自波爾多進口了數千個橡木桶到酒莊,因此也漸漸改變了Rioja Alta 旗下久的陳年方式與風格 /Rioja Alta認為混釀是最好的方式,因此所有旗下的酒來自於不同的葡萄田、不同的地區、不同的品種,但以Tampranillo做主導

Rioja Alta 904 是Gran Reserva 等級。須等上10年才可出家門,在這漫長的歲月裡,酒莊必須辛勤地在每6個月換桶,讓酒避免因為長年的存放於相同的木桶而有不良風味產生的可能。這款904在2005年一月入桶,2009年裝瓶,一直到2014年才上市 。

因為長期這樣換桶,木桶用量非常的大,所以Rioja Alta自行從其他國家進口橡木,然後在自己的地方製成木桶並監控木桶成年 。

2005’ WA Rating 96 /Drink Date 2015 – 2035 /Reviewed by Luis Gutiérrez
Issue Date 30th Apr 2015 /Source 218, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; The 2005 Gran Reserva 904 is a superb blend of Tempranillo from the villages of Briñas, Labastida and Villalba with 10% Graciano from Briones and Rodezno. The grapes were destemmed and crushed and fermented in stainless steel for 18 days at 25 C. Malolactic fermentation was spontaneous and lasted 38 days. These wines are marked by a long aging in used American oak barrels following the most strict Riojan tradition; four years during which time the wine was manually racked eight times. This is usually my favorite wine from La Rioja Alta and 2005 is one of its best showings, going back to the quality of the vintages of the 1950s and 60s. The nose is very balsamic with notes of camphor, hints of mint, leather and hung game wrapped around a core of cherries in liqueur. Together it is balanced, subtle, truly elegant and classical. The palate is only medium-bodied but with great concentration of flavors that are very tasty, mineral, almost salty and framed by ultra-fine tannins and smashing balance. A great classic. This wine will be released in October 2015, a full ten years after the vintage. At this quality level this is a bargain. 

Wine Advocate #210
Dec 2013
Luis Gutierrez 96 Drink: 2016 - 2024 $39-$60 (50)
The 2004 Gran Reserva 904 is Tempranillo from Brinas, Labastida and Villalba balanced with 10% Graciano from Briones and Rodezno. The grapes were fermented and macerated in inox vats for 14 days at 28º C, and malolactic fermentation lasted 28 days. The wine aged for 4 years in used American oak barrels averaging 4 years old, during which time it was manually racked 8 times. 150,000 bottles were filled. This 2004, from a superb vintage shows a beautiful light red color with a brick rim and a superb nose redolent of balsamic woods, spices, leather, well-hung meat, incense and truffles. The light to medium-bodied palate shows fully resolved tannins, great acidity and pure, pungent flavors that linger in the mouth forever and that can only be Rioja. This is a wine to smell over and over again. It might sound like an exaggeration, but this wine is still too young and you should wait a little bit and drink the superb 2001 vintage which should still be available on the market while this one matures in bottle. At this quality level the price is superb especially considering that the wine is being released 10 years after the vintage. Drink 2016-2024.

組合3、Dominio de Tares,P3 Mencía Bierzo 2010’(WA:92’)曾獲WS西班牙葡萄酒 第五強

酒款名稱 Dominio de Tares,P3 Mencía Bierzo 2010’(WA:92’)曾獲WS西班牙葡萄酒 第五強
年份 2010’
葡萄品種 Mencia
售價 NT$3500
介紹/說明 其名P3意思為「第三塊葡萄園」,也就是Domino de Tares酒莊最頂級的一塊葡萄園,僅使用110年以上的荖藤葡萄釀造。天然酵母菌在橡木桶中發酵,並在新法國橡木桶中陳年16個月,最後在瓶中靜置48個月後上市。

多明塔斯酒莊 P3百年荖藤單一園 門西亞紅葡萄酒<曾獲Wine Spectator 西班牙葡萄酒 第五強!!> 年 產 量 : 3000瓶 台灣配額: 120瓶

酒款介紹:林裕森: 「Bierzo最讓我著迷的地方在於這裡產的紅酒不僅精緻精巧…在過去三個月的西班牙旅行中,Bierzo取代了Crianza等級的Rioja成為我在餐廳裡最常點的葡萄酒。…當然,Bierzo也有許多七十年以上老樹釀成的精英酒款,包括風格濃厚耐久的Tares的P3。」

其名P3意思為「第三塊葡萄園」,也就是Domino de Tares酒莊最頂級的一塊葡萄園,僅使用110年以上的荖藤葡萄釀造。天然酵母菌在橡木桶中發酵,並在新法國橡木桶中陳年16個月,最後在瓶中靜置48個月後上市。P3被譽為Mencia葡萄酒的最頂級呈現,濃郁又細緻,多次榮


得獎資料 : -2010年份R.Parker 92分,Wine Enthusiast 93分,Vivino三強Mencia葡萄酒
-Guia Repsol 94分 (米其林指南的西班牙分刊),Vivir el Vino (西班牙美食雜誌)-95分

WA Rating 92 /Drink Date 2016 – 2020 /Reviewed by Luis Gutiérrez
Issue Date 2nd Jan 2015 /Source 216 (Part 2), The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; My favorite in the current portfolio is the 2010 Tares P3, very old Mencía from mountain vineyards in the village of Valtuille de Arriba which fermented in a French oak vat and two 600-liter rotating vats and aged for 15 months in brand new French oak barrels. It has a fragrant nose combining aromas of violets and wild berries with plenty of spices and hints of smoke, coming through as poised and approachable. The palate shows well-integrated oak flavors intermixed with the fruit and certain austerity, but with a finish where the dry tannins make an appearance that detracts from its drinkability. Some vintages and especial grapes can take this new oak treatment, but not many. Enjoy with powerful food or give it some more bottle time. 3,000 bottles.

組合4、Cvne Imperial,Gran Reserva 2007’(WA:93+) 曾獲2013’WS年度百大第一名

酒款名稱 Cvne Imperial,Gran Reserva 2007’(WA:93+) 曾獲2013’WS年度百大第一名
年份 2007’
葡萄品種 85% Tempranillo、10% Graciano and 5% Mazuelo
售價 NT$3350
介紹/說明 這款Gran Reserva等級,僅在最佳的年份釀造生產。以手工採摘;於美國及法國橡木桶陳年24個月再於裝瓶後3年窖藏才正式上市。

2004年份 榮獲 2013 Wine Spectator年度百大第一名酒莊 & Wine & Spirit『年度百大酒莊風雲榜』- 西班牙酒莊上榜冠軍!

西班牙之星集團( CVNE)品牌Logo象徵著西班牙國旗,也是唯一的一座獲得授權使用西班牙國旗作標識底色的酒莊,更曾獲選為西班牙皇室成員的婚宴用酒,與西班牙皇室關係密切,西班牙國王約翰卡洛斯(Juan Carlos)甚至親臨酒廠,為新建的酒窖主持落成典禮,也因此酒莊背負了與生俱來的使命,成為釀造優質西班牙葡萄酒的領導者。

旗下西班牙至尊酒莊(Imperial)為西班牙最受尊崇的酒莊之一,其系列酒款於1920年開始釀造,其酒名源自當時輸出給英國市場用的1品脫特殊瓶裝(Imperial Pint:568ml)與皇室尊崇名號;酒莊全部釀造的葡萄皆來自於Villalba及Haro鎮邊的自有葡萄園,酒莊致力於生產優質葡萄酒,因而只生產Reserva及特別優秀、更久蘊藏的Gran Reserva等級,且僅在最佳的年份釀造生產。

葡萄果實精選自Villalba及Haro鎮邊的自有葡萄園,以手工採摘樹齡20年以上的低產量葡萄藤;葡萄去梗後先以低溫浸皮,接著再進行低溫發酵,最後於美國及法國橡木桶陳年24個月再於裝瓶後3年窖藏才正式上市。甫獲得Wine Spectator 2013年度百大第一名的Imperial Gran Reserva 2004,是目前市面最炙手可熱的葡萄酒之一,年產量僅4000箱,已成為愛酒人士競相收藏的夢幻逸品。

釀 酒 廠:西班牙至尊酒莊(Imperial)
產  區:西班牙利奧哈(Rioja Alta)
葡萄品種:85% Tempranillo、10% Graciano and 5% Mazuelo
顏  色:深邃迷人的深紫色調
酒  質:香氣濃郁誘人,帶有黑色及紅色莓果、些許的菸草、甘草及香料盒的氣息;口感層次豐富,可感受到迷人果香以及橡木桶的煙燻香氣;單寧柔順,引領出綿延、純粹的餘韻。擁有20年以上的陳年潛力。

Wine Advocate #210
Dec 2013
Luis Gutierrez 93+ Drink: 2016 - 2021 $37-$70 (63)
The 2007 Imperial Gran Reserva is again a great wine in the making. Red fruit and plenty of spices (nutmeg), the palate shows great acidity and abundant tannins that need resolving with time in bottle. Great tension and nerve. I think it will take some time to be released, which is good as it will require some patience. Drink 2016-2021.

CVNE seems to have improved its basic range of wines in the last few years, which is very good news, as they seem to be readily available and with attractive prices. The Imperial Gran Reserva is back at the helm of quality.

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