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義大利/西班牙 『六款特色紅酒』促銷
特惠價: A+B+C+D+E+F=六瓶合購 特價洽詢

A+B+C+D+E+F=六瓶合購 特價洽詢

A, Nipozzano Riserva,Chianti Rufina, DOCG 2013'(WA:91’) 絕對是值得仔細鑑賞的佳釀
B, Antinori Villa Toscana IGT 2013'(WA:90+)Antinori最暢銷的著名酒款
C, Barone Ricasoli,Chianti DOCG 2015’(WS:84’)基本款Chianti,高雅柔和
D, Muga Rioja Reserva 2013’ (WS:88' )Muga精選級紅酒
E, Condado de Haza, Crianza Ribera del Duero 2014’(WS:87’) 哈莎酒莊珍藏紅葡萄酒
F, Marques de Riscal, Reserva 2013'飄著濃濃波爾多風的 Rioja

組合1、Muga,Rioja Reserva 2013’(WS:88’ ) 精選級紅酒

酒款名稱 Muga,Rioja Reserva 2013’(WS:88’ ) 精選級紅酒
年份 2013’
葡萄品種 70 % Tempranillo、20 % Garnacha、10 % Mazuelo and Graciano
售價 NT$1250
介紹/說明 Rioja的木桶香氣是產區酒款最獨特的特徵,這款酒在傳統的Rioja木桶中六個月的時間、再加上兩年的小型橡木桶、還有至少一年的瓶中陳年時間,才釋放出來銷售。

試飲評論 WS Score: 88 Issue Web Only - 2017
Tasting Note; Plum, tobacco, tea and spice flavors mingle in this plump red. Light tannins and orange peel acidity lend focus. Shows balance and harmony. Drink now through 2021.

Rioja 是西班牙最著名的葡萄酒產區,也是列級DOCa的優質葡萄酒產區,細分成Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa, Rioja Baja三區;生產以混合Tempranillo及Garnacha葡萄品種為主。

Muga位於Haro,是Rioja傳統迷人的城市,在Rioja Alta區裡;這地方釀製的葡萄酒酒體濃郁飽滿又細緻、果香豐富。Rioja的木桶香氣是產區酒款最獨特的特徵,這款酒在傳統的Rioja木桶中六個月的時間、再加上兩年的小型橡木桶、還有至少一年的瓶中陳年時間,才釋放出來銷售。

eRobertParker.com #218
Apr 2015
Luis Gutierrez 91+ Drink: 2015 - 2021 (25)
The 2011 Reserva is mostly Tempranillo complemented with some 20% Garnacha, 10% Graciano and 5% Mazuelo. There are no stainless-steel vats at Muga, so everything is fermented in oak vats and this wine is then aged for one year in new French oak barrels and a further year in used ones (three to six years old), fined with egg white and bottled. It is a Rioja that mixes the traditional and modern character with ripe fruit and contains oak aromas that are quite spicy and have some toast and smoke that should integrate with a bit of time in bottle. The palate is medium-bodied, has clean flavors that are balanced with sweet tannins. This is easy to drink, pleasant but not banal, and delivers a lot for its price. An impressive half-million bottles are produced of this wine, which is sold as Crianza in Spain and as Reserva in the rest of the world. Year after year, one of the most reliable and affordable Reservas.


組合2、Marques de Riscal,Reserva 2013’(Vivino: ★★★★)飄著濃濃波爾多風的 Rioja

酒款名稱 Marques de Riscal,Reserva 2013’(Vivino: ★★★★)飄著濃濃波爾多風的 Rioja
年份 2013’
葡萄品種 90% Tempranillo + 10% Graciano & Mazuelo
售價 NT$980
介紹/說明 Riscal 是西班牙第一個引進法國Bordeaux釀酒技術的人-這款Rioja-飄著濃濃的波爾多風--

利斯卡侯爵(Marques de Riscal)是第一個引進法國Bordeaux釀酒技術進入西班牙的第一人-他甚至建造了一間波爾多式的酒莊,裡頭有最新的釀酒設備,儲酒酒窖,也生產自家的橡木桶。1895年甚至贏得第十三屆波爾多世界博覽會的最高榮譽獎(Diploma of Honour),是第一家獲得該獎項的非法國酒莊;這份殊榮讓酒莊到今日仍很自傲,以至於當年的獎狀出現在Reserva級酒的主標籤下



美國橡木桶裡熟成25個月後,接著裝瓶酒窖陳年一段時間後才上市。(90% Tempranillo and 10%Graciano y Mazuelo).



(WineMaker)On the nose, hints of fruit enveloped in a series of oak fragances and balsamic aromas.

Red with a slight hint of yellow when still and glints of violet hues when swirled.

In the mouth, a series of smooth sensations moving towards the back of the palate, then returning along the sides of the rear of the tongue with toasted flavours and finishing underneath the tongue at the front with soft, persistent toasted sensations.
eRobertParker.com #218
Apr 2015
Luis Gutierrez 89 Drink: 2015 - 2020
A classic among classics, the 2010 Reserva is a blend of Tempranillo with 7% Graciano and 3% Mazuelo that is polished and developed showing clean, tertiary aromas and focused flavors framed by fully resolved tannins. It is approachable, easy to understand and finishes with a tasty, lactic note. Believe it or not, there are three million bottles of this wine, the question is how homogeneous are the different lots.



組合3、Antinori,Villa Toscana IGT 2013’(WA:90+)Antinori最暢銷的著名酒款-Super Tuscan

酒款名稱 Antinori,Villa Toscana IGT 2013’(WA:90+)Antinori最暢銷的著名酒款-Super Tuscan
年份 2013’
葡萄品種 Sangiovese、Cabernet Sauvignon、Merlot、Syrah
售價 NT$1150
介紹/說明 Villa Antinori紅酒在全球化的趨勢裡站穩無懈可擊的暢銷地位,又同時保持著托斯卡尼著名的Sangiovese基調 .
試飲評論 2015’ James Suckling Score:93’
Tasting Note;A focused nose that shows red cherries, red and dark plums, as well as cedar and nutmeg. The palate’s so lithe and elegant with firm tannins, tangy acidity and a mineral finish.

Villa Antinori紅酒剛上市時,為市面上,第一款以長時間橡木桶培養的奇揚第紅酒,
在2000年以前的年份,都是以Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva,高比例的Sangiovese為基礎
在2001年,現任安蒂諾里莊主Piero先生,創新的大幅變革,將Villa Antinori紅酒降級為IGT等級
將Sangiovese比例降低至60%左右,而引入國際潮流品種Cabernet Sauvignon、Merlot、Syrah做混釀
-堪稱為最暢銷的 Super Toscan.
讓Villa Antinori紅酒在全球化的趨勢裡站穩無懈可擊的暢銷地位,又同時保持著托斯卡尼著名的Sangiovese基調

產 區:Toscana - Indicazione Geografica Tipica
此款為本世紀暢銷世界的著名酒款,以Antinori的義大利葡萄為主-師法-波爾多特色-並體現法國Bordeaux的優點-由Niccolò, Piero Antinori先生的父親 1928年首度推出。於不鏽鋼槽中發酵,在法國、美國及匈牙利橡木桶中儲存了12個


WA Rating: 90+ /Drink Date 2017 – 2024 /Reviewed by Monica Larner
Issue Date 31st Dec 2016 /Source 228, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; Here is one of Marchesi Antinori’s battleship red wines. The 2013 Villa Antinori is among the estate’s most accessible wines with some 200,000 cases (of 12 bottles each) produced in this vintage. The wine is a blend of Sangiovese fruit sourced from various points in Tuscany (Chianti Classico, Maremma and Bolgheri) with other red grapes. Indeed, this wine serves as testament to the various levels of dry extract and ripeness that can be achieved with Sangiovese depending on where it is planted. What this wine offers most of all is impressive consistency throughout each new vintage released.

組合4、Barone Ricasoli,Chianti DOCG 2015’(WS:84’)基本款 Chianti,高雅柔和

酒款名稱 Barone Ricasoli,Chianti DOCG 2015’(WS:84’)基本款 Chianti,高雅柔和
年份 2015’
葡萄品種 Sangiovese
售價 NT$900
介紹/說明 清淡優雅的 Chianti 紅酒很適合想嘗試義大利酒的初入門者,不僅可充分體驗義大利酒的特色,更能體會該酒莊對於品質與品牌的要求。
試飲評論 2015’ Wine Spectator Score: 84 Issue Web Only - 2017
Tasting Note;A light red, lean and slightly tart, sporting cherry, strawberry, earth and peppery flavors. Compact on the finish. Drink now.

Barone Ricasoli是世界上第5個古老的家族企業,創建時間是西元12世紀,真是一個古老的家族!Ricasoli家族裡還出過義大利的首相:鋼鐵男爵-Bettino Ricasoli,而且Chianti酒的釀酒規則,更是他訂立的! 目前酒莊是由第32代男爵Francesco Ricasoli掌管,生產的酒款經常得獎,躋身義大利佳釀之最。

Barone Ricasoli是世界上第5個古老的家族企業,創建時間是西元12世紀,真是一個古老的家族!Ricasoli家族裡還出過義大利的首相:鋼鐵男爵-Bettino Ricasoli,而且Chianti酒的釀酒規則,更是他訂立的! 目前酒莊是由第32代男爵Francesco Ricasoli掌

這款基本款 Chianti 於不鏽鋼桶中陳熟,現代的新品種葡萄酒結合"山吉優維斯"Sangiovese的天然香味以及橡木桶中典藏的高雅柔和,帶有胡椒、巧克力、野生莓果的香氣。清淡優雅的Chianti 紅酒很適合想嘗試義大利酒的初入門者,不僅可充分體驗義大利酒的特色,更能體會該酒莊對於品質與品牌的要求。

Wine Spectator Score: 85 / Issue Web Only - 2015
Tasting Note; A mix of black cherry and tar, this red shows moderate structure and modest length on the finish. Drink now through 2018.

組合5、Nipozzano Riserva,Chianti Rufina, DOCG 2013’(WA:91’)絕對是值得仔細鑑賞的佳釀

酒款名稱 Nipozzano Riserva,Chianti Rufina, DOCG 2013’(WA:91’)絕對是值得仔細鑑賞的佳釀
年份 2013’
葡萄品種 90% Sangiovese, 10% Malvasia Nera, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon
售價 NT$1550
介紹/說明 獨一無二的氣味賦予了嗅覺不同的感受。明顯而豐富的單寧使得口感更加突出。餘韻動人悠遠,值得一再品味。Nipozzano Riserva絕對是值得仔細鑑賞的佳釀。
試飲評論 WA Rating 91 /Drink Date 2016 – 2024 /Reviewed by Monica Larner
Issue Date 29th Oct 2016 /Source 227, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note: The 2013 Chianti Rufina Riserva Nipozzano is a soft and supple red wine that proudly displays its winemaking pedigree. There are no rough edges here. Instead, this wine offers a seamless link of red cherry, spice and toasted nut aromas. The mouthfeel is on the lean side, but the wine is immediately approachable and easy to pair with any kind of grilled meat dish.

Frescobaldi這個名詞除了代表Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi酒廠之外,超過七百年的悠久歲月更是義大利托斯卡尼在藝術、文化及歷史上的一個絕佳代名詞

Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi酒廠擁有九個葡萄園共超過1000公頃的土地,而其所有的葡萄園都位於較高的海拔地勢,也正因為如此的地形氣候,園中得以種植出品種優良並具有特殊風味的高品質葡萄。

而在1995年Frescobaldi更是與美國加州的知名酒廠Robert Mondavi羅伯蒙岱維酒廠結盟;而這樣的舉動更是提高了義大利托斯卡尼葡萄酒的品質與名聲,並打開了歐洲葡萄酒在美國的國際市場。如今,無論是在美國到歐洲,甚至是位於遠東的亞洲地區,都可以品嚐到Frescobaldi的精品佳釀。


宜人的氣候、溫暖的陽光以及適量的雨水都提供了葡萄最佳的生長條件;而繁複的釀造過程更使得葡萄發揮出極致的風味。故Nipozzano Riserva絕對是值得仔細鑑賞的佳釀。

組合6、Condado de Haza, Crianza Ribera del Duero 2014’(WS:87’) 伊比利豬肉的最佳拍檔

酒款名稱 Condado de Haza, Crianza Ribera del Duero 2014’(WS:87’) 伊比利豬肉的最佳拍檔
年份 2014’
葡萄品種 100% Tempranillo
售價 NT$1150
介紹/說明 此款佳釀 以100% Tempranillo品種釀成。經18個月美國橡木桶熟成,之後繼續6個月瓶中熟成才上市。深紅寶石酒色,聞有覆盆子、玫瑰花瓣,以及清柔的薄荷、奧瑞岡葉、可可和煙燻氣味。
試飲評論 WS Score: 87 Issue Web Only - 2017
Tasting Note;Savory notes of black olive and licorice wrap around a core of bright cherry fruit in this lively red, which has fresh acidity, with modest tannins anchoring the round texture.

西班牙Duero (斗羅河谷) 國寶級酒莊—費南德茲園(Bodegas Alejandro Fernandez) ;其Pesquera 被Robert Parker稱為「西班牙Petrus」。

1989年Fernandez在斗羅河岸不遠山坡處建立-第二個酒莊-哈莎酒莊(Condado de Haza),此酒莊也以100% Tempranallo田帕尼優釀酒,風格與Pesquera近似,不過略較雄渾粗獷些。

這支產於西班牙斗羅河岸(Ribera del Ruero)的紅酒,曾在漫畫《神之雫》第14集中出現,並被譽為搭配黑豬肉的最佳拍檔。確實,這是一款既熱情又渾厚,而且相當濃郁野性的酒款,與重口味料理搭配,勁道十足。

Parker評鑑傑出酒莊 (Outstanding) -2度榮獲Wine Spectator年度百大

此款佳釀 以100% Tempranillo品種釀成,不同於其他田帕尼優(Tempranillo,當地稱為Tinto Fino),沒有利奧哈(Rioja)的甜美,卻多了不少斗羅河畔(Ribera del Douro)的野性和強勁體質。經18個月美國橡木桶熟成,之後繼續6個月瓶中熟成才上市。深紅寶石酒色,聞有覆盆子、玫瑰花瓣,以及清柔的薄荷、奧瑞岡葉、可可和煙燻氣味。口感活潑而圓潤,嚐有黑莓的豐盛果香,單寧完美融於酒體中,美好的餘韻。

Coffee, loam and mineral notes frame black cherry and licorice flavors in this firm red. Solid tannins and crisp acidity impart a brisk, straightforward character. Drink now through 2020.


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