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B 組,法國 / 義大利 /西班牙 六款紅酒 促銷
特惠價: (A+ B +C ) *2 = 六瓶合購-特價請洽詢

(A+ B +C ) *2 = 六瓶合購-特價請洽詢

A, Banfi, Brunello di Montalcino 2010' (JS:95',WA:92')義大利Banfi的成名佳作
B, Pintia ,D.O.Toro 2008’ (WA:95’) Vega Sicilia 在Toro的驕傲之作
C, Chateau Camensac 2005'(WA:88’) 波爾多五級酒莊

組合1、Chateau Camensac 2005’(WA:88’) Haut Medoc產區五級酒莊

酒款名稱 Chateau Camensac 2005’(WA:88’) Haut Medoc產區五級酒莊
年份 2005’
葡萄品種 Cabernet Sauvignon 60%、Merlot 40%
售價 NT$1850
介紹/說明 Chateau Camensac位於波爾多Haut Medoc產區,1855評級列級酒莊第五級。在這個產區裡,Camensac和其他幾個Haut Medoc列級酒莊一樣,雖沒有令人矚目的成績,但其出品依然為人所稱讚。

Chateau Camensac位於波爾多Haut Medoc產區,1855評級列級酒莊第五級。在這個產區裡,Camensac和其他幾個Haut Medoc列級酒莊一樣,雖沒有令人矚目的成績,但其出品依然為人所稱讚。

Chateau Camensac與同產區的列級名莊Cantemerle、Belgrave等被列為五級酒莊。
時至今日,Camensac莊園擁有85公頃葡萄園,葡萄種植比例為60% (Cabernet Sauvignon),40% (Merlot)。在採收季節,葡萄經人工採摘之後被逐粒篩選,最後放到溫控不銹鋼桶中進行發酵。


Wine Advocate #165
Jun 2006
Robert M. Parker, Jr. (87-89) Drink: 2008 - 2021 $27 (22)
Displaying a saturated plum/purple color as well as fine ripeness, medium body, solidly constructed flavors, admirable concentration, moderate tannin, and hints of underbrush, licorice, and new oak, this 2004 requires 2-3 years of bottle age. It should keep for 12-15 years.

2005 WA Rating: (87 - 88) Drink Date 2006 – 2016 Reviewed by Robert M. Parker, Jr.
Issue Date 24th Apr 2006 Source 164, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; Space limitations did not allow complete tasting notes for this Grand Cru Classe, but 2005 is the finest vintage for these wines since 1982. The range of scores for these wines should give readers an idea of just how consistent this vintage is at this level. Given the style of the vintage, most of these wines should be accessible young yet evolve for a decade or more because of their concentration and tannic structure.

組合2、Pintia ,D.O.Toro 2008’ (WA:95’) Vega Sicilia 在Toro的驕傲之作

酒款名稱 Pintia ,D.O.Toro 2008’ (WA:95’) Vega Sicilia 在Toro的驕傲之作
年份 2008’
葡萄品種 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo)
售價 NT$3500
介紹/說明 Pintia 建立於1997年-是Vega Sicilia 在Toro的驕傲之作。

西班牙Bodegas y Vinedos Pintia 繽蒂亞酒廠

酒廠建立於1997年,與Alion阿里昂酒廠、Tokaj- Oremus歐瑞摩斯酒廠

樣都隸屬於擁有美麗葡萄酒傳奇的Vega Sicilia維嘉西西里酒廠旗下


1997年建立至今,雖然酒廠年齡尚輕,但Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠秉持著與Vega Sicilia維嘉西西里酒廠同樣的精神,堅守著高品質規範,以期許提供消費者最優質的享受。維嘉西西里酒廠在距離San Ramon de Hornija不到100公尺的地區購買了90公頃的土地, 45公頃為有種植2040年樹齡的葡萄園,而另外45公頃為皆未種植葡萄的土地。

自此之後便將此地命名為 “Toro” Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠第一次出擊就得到前所未有的成功。首批產量8萬瓶的葡萄酒上市一週就獲得好評,更是應要求將上市產量提高到14萬瓶。這樣的狀況並不在預期的目標當中,但正因如此,更可看出Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠的品質與實力。至今, Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠平均年產量皆在10萬瓶以上,而所創造的產值更是高達千萬歐元。


無論是從任何角度來說, Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠的表現都可稱的上是令人驚艷。Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠並不因葡萄酒產量高而降低了品質的要求,不僅如此,Bodega y Vinedos Pintia酒廠更是致力於葡萄酒品質的鑽研,期許提供消費者絕佳的優雅享受。所以,就讓這個令人驚艷的優雅帶領大家一同在西班牙的葡萄酒世界裡翱翔吧!

Wine Advocate #206
Apr 2013
Neal Martin 95 Drink: N/A $39-$70
The 2008 Pintia has a fragrant bouquet with scents of dark plum, mulberry and fresh cherry, the new oak neatly folded into the fruit profile. The palate is medium-bodied with a fleshy, silky smooth entry. The tannins here are very fine with dark cherries, a touch of sloe and spices that become more pronounced toward the focused finish. This is perhaps the most feminine 2008 so far – less sexy than the 2007 but still seductive.








組合3、Banfi,Brunello di Montalcino 2010’(JS:95’,WA;92’) Banfi 的成名佳作

酒款名稱 Banfi,Brunello di Montalcino 2010’(JS:95’,WA;92’) Banfi 的成名佳作
年份 2010’
葡萄品種 Sangiovese
售價 NT$2500
介紹/說明 這是義大利Banfi的成名佳作~在橡木桶陳年2年,瓶中陳年8~12個月,後才可上市。帶有深邃的紅寶石顏色,氣味輕柔,帶有紫羅蘭、香草,些許的甘草味。口感豐富、濃郁、柔潤、活潑,帶有甘草、香料和起司味道。

神之雫第28集P.50推薦酒款 /漫畫如是形容: 『這是義大利權威葡萄酒雜誌Tre Bicchieri –(三個酒杯)最高評價常客-是非常神奇的葡萄酒』『如以音樂比喻-這個應該是中音薩克斯風的聲音---就像渡邊貞夫所吹奏-標準爵士樂那樣的聲音
邦菲酒莊Castello Banfi是由美國紅酒商John Mariani創立 , 1999年起由其女兒Cristina Mariani-May逐步接管酒莊營運。 酒莊座落於托斯卡尼的Montalcino產區,以其絕佳的釀酒藝術聞名世界,曾經前所未有的榮獲四次義大利酒類研究團體(VinItaly’s International Enological Concourse)所評選出的「國際年度風雲酒廠(International Winery of the Year)」的大獎;

葡萄酒熱愛者雜誌(Wine Enthusiast Magazine)也評鑑邦菲酒莊為年度風雲酒廠(Winery of the Year)
葡萄酒觀察家雜誌(Wine Spectator)也曾經2次將Brunello di Montalcino 和Poggio all’Oro Brunello di Montalcino兩款酒,
在近3年內,評選為年度10大酒款,並且是網友票選的「年度風雲酒款(Wine of the Year)」;或許對這些讚美最高興的人是邦菲酒莊鄰近的酒農們,因為邦菲在布洛尼歐的成功,讓世界又把葡萄酒的重心放在整個蒙塔其諾(Montalcino)產區。

Brunello di Montalcino 是Banfi 的成名佳作~ !!

2010 James Suckling Score:95’
Tasting Note; "Fabulous aromas of dried rose petal, orange peel, oyster shell and hints of dark fruits. Full body, very fine tannins with a mineral, berry and orange-peel and Tuscan-dust undertone. A structured, salty, savory finish. Better in 2017. "

2010 WA Rating: 92
/Drink Date 2016 – 2026 /Reviewed by Monica Larner
Issue Date 28th Feb 2015 /Source 217, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; Castello Banfi’s 2010 Brunello di Montalcino is one of the ripest wines I have tasted from this vintage. The bouquet opens to chewy tones of cherry or raspberry preserves with dried prunes and figs at the back. This is no surprise considering the softly sloping, sea-facing vineyards located in the lower part of the appellation where temperatures are slightly warmer on average. There is no doubt that this is an impeccably crafted wine (it sees 50-50 aging in French barrique and larger oak casks) that aspires to a great level of intensity, power and fullness. The mouthfeel is round and immediate with sweet fruit flavors. This Brunello will appeal to those who like a softer side of Sangiovese.

Wine Advocate #211
Feb 2014
Monica Larner 91 Drink: 2016 - 2021 $58-$94 (65)
Castello Banfi’s 2009 Brunello di Montalcino is a well made and straightforward expression of Sangiovese that delivers the goods in an utterly clear and confident manner. It helps to know that this wine has some of the most sophisticated technology and most experienced winemakers at its back. This is one of a handful of new vintages to benefit from new investments to the crush pad and grape processing areas. What I like about this vintage is that is shows a little more of the distinct personality (the supple warmth and textural smoothness) that you get with Brunello made in the lower Sant’Angelo quadrant. The appearance is dark and rich, followed by balanced tones of dried cherry, raspberry, coffee grinds, leather and mild tobacco. The oak regime sees two years of 50% botte grande and 50% French barrique. Drink: 2016-2021.


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