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1 級酒莊 - Haut Brion (P. Leognan)
1 級酒莊 - Lafite Rothschild (Pauillac)
1 級酒莊 - Latour (Pauillac)
1 級酒莊 - Margaux (Margaux)
1 級酒莊 - Mouton Rothschild (Pauillac)
2 級酒莊 - Leoville Poyferre (St. Julien)
2 級酒莊 - Brane Cantenac (Margaux)
2 級酒莊 - Cos d’Estournel (St. Estephe)
2 級酒莊 - Ducru Beaucaillou (St. Julien)
2 級酒莊 - Durfort Vivens (Margaux)
2 級酒莊 - Gruaud Larose (St. Julien)
2 級酒莊 - Lascombes (Margaux)
2 級酒莊 - Leoville Barton (St. Julien)
2 級酒莊 - Leoville Las Cases (St. Julien)
2 級酒莊 - Montrose (St. Estephe)
2 級酒莊 - Pichon Lalande (Pauillac)
2 級酒莊 - Pichon Longueville Baron (Pauillac)
2 級酒莊 - Rauzan Gassies (Margaux)
2 級酒莊 - Rauzan Segla (Margaux)
3 級酒莊 - Lagrange (St. Julien)
3 級酒莊 - d’Issan (Margaux)
3 級酒莊 - Boyd Cantenac (Margaux)
3 級酒莊 - Calon Segur (St. Estephe)
3 級酒莊 - Cantenac Brown (Margaux)
3 級酒莊 - Giscours (Margaux)
3 級酒莊 - Kirwan (Margaux)
3 級酒莊 - La Lagune (Haut Medoc)
3 級酒莊 - Langoa Barton (St. Julien)
3 級酒莊 - Malescot St-Exupéry (Margaux)
4 級酒莊 - Beychevelle (St. Julien)
4 級酒莊 - Branaire Ducru (St. Julien)
4 級酒莊 - Duhart Milon (Pauillac)
4 級酒莊 - La Tour Carnet (Haut Medoc)
4 級酒莊 - Lafon Rochet (St. Estephe)
4 級酒莊 - Prieure Lichine (Margaux)
4 級酒莊 - Saint-Pierre (St. Julien)
4 級酒莊 - Talbot (St. Julien)
5 級酒莊 - Armailhac (Pauillac)
5 級酒莊 - Batailley (Pauillac)
5 級酒莊 - Camensac (Haut Medoc)
5 級酒莊 - Cantemerle (Haut Medoc)
5 級酒莊 - Clerc Milon (Pauillac)
5 級酒莊 - Dauzac (Margaux)
5 級酒莊 - Grand Puy-Ducasse (Pauillac)
5 級酒莊 - Grand Puy-Lacoste (Pauillac)
5 級酒莊 - Haut Batailley (Pauillac)
5 級酒莊 - Haut-Bages-Liberal (Pauillac)
5 級酒莊 - Lynch Bages (Pauillac)
5 級酒莊 - Lynch-Moussas (Pauillac)
5 級酒莊 - Pontet Canet (Pauillac)
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Chateau Haut Brion 2015’(WA:100’) -歡迎洽詢其他年份

酒款名稱 Chateau Haut Brion 2015’(WA:100’) -歡迎洽詢其他年份
年份 2015’
葡萄品種 Cabernet Sauvignon ,Merlot
售價 NT$26500 詢價聯絡單
介紹/說明 法國Bordeaux 五大酒莊中最小的莊園,其出產的紅酒也體現出知性溫婉的風格
試飲評論 2015’ WA Rating 100 / Drink Date 2024 – 2064 / Reviewed by Lisa Perrotti-Brown
Issue Date 22nd Feb 2018 /Source Interim Issue Mid-February 2018, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; A blend of 50% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc and 42% Cabernet Sauvignon, the medium to deep garnet-purple colored 2015 Haut-Brion is reticent to begin, languidly revealing crushed black cherries, ripe black plums and wild blueberries with sparks of cinnamon stick, cloves, nutmeg, espresso, unsmoked cigars, tapenade, crushed rocks and lavender. The full-bodied palate possesses wonderfully complementary contrasts of bold black and blue fruit richness and delicately nuanced cherry fruit, baking spices and floral accents, strutting ripe, finely pixelated tannins and seamless acidity that is placed firmly in the background, finishing very long and with plenty of attitude. This impeccably poised, exquisitely perfumed 2015 Haut-Brion possesses the most alluring yet seemingly effortless beauty. While it bears only a passing resemblance in its opulent personality to the now legendary 1989, like that vintage the 2015 cannot fail to hedonically satiate and intellectually edify all lovers of great Bordeaux who drink it. What’s more, it also has the blue-blooded tenaciousness to remain this jaw-droppingly impressive, throughout its many guises over time, and for a very, very long time.

2014’WA Rating 96 /Drink Date 2021 – 2050 /Reviewed by Neal Martin
Issue Date 1st Apr 2017 /Source Interim End of March, The Wine Advocate
Tasting Note; The 2014 Haut Brion is a blend of 50% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Franc and 39% Cabernet Sauvignon picked between 11 September and 10 October, cropped at 42.9 hectoliters per hectare and raised in 70% new oak. As I observed when I made the comparison in barrel, the Haut Brion exudes more red fruit than La Mission Haut Brion, adorned with wild strawberry, bilberry, tobacco and again, just that hint of menthol in the background. The palate is very fresh and taut on the entry. The acidity is very nicely pitched and there is a touch of marmalade and blood orange that is tangible at the back of the mouth. There is real frisson to this Haut Brion, not quite as seductive and as smooth as its sibling over the road, but very persistent in the mouth. I noticed that over 15 to 20 minutes that the Haut Brion just gained more and more complexity, putting a small distance between itself and La Mission, as if determined to mock my opinion in barrel that La Mission would have the upper hand! Be my guest. Haut Brion has an inch, just an inch ahead of its "rival" sibling.

Chateau Haut-Brion位於波爾多Grave地區的Pessac村。距離波爾多城市僅2公里。酒園的面積109英畝,是“五大”中最小的莊園,其出產的紅酒也體現出知性溫婉的風格。每年的產量為12000到15000箱。這也是五大名莊當中唯一一家不在Medoc產區的酒莊。

葡萄園作為不不動資產出現在法國歷史上是1423年的事情,而這個古老的莊園其實是1525年Jean de Pontac迎娶Jeanne de Bellon時極度奢華的嫁妝,多麼幸運的新郎啊。這應該是我們可查到的Haut-Brion莊園最早的歷史文獻。

四個世紀中這家盛產皇室用酒的酒莊多次易主,擁有者當中更不乏歷史上功績不凡的人物。其中包括海軍上將,大主教,法國第一統帥和吉耶納地區執政官,三位元波爾多市市長,以及才華橫溢的Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord (他買下酒莊的時候正值在外交部擔任對外關係部長一職。)這些形形色色的顯赫擁有者們無形中又為Haut-Brion的優雅形象鑲上了一道光輝的金邊。

而最後的一次易主讓讓他成為了一家美國人的產業,這位財大氣粗的買家就是美國的銀行家兼美國駐巴黎大使C.Douglas Dillon。甘迺迪當政時美國經濟形式一片大好,這也在某種程度上促成了這筆曠世交易。

酒莊如今的擁有者是Clarence Dillon,美國人也許也會因為Clarence Dillon在法國的這片頂級的葡萄園而洋洋得意。事實上在Dillon先生還未購買酒莊之前,百分之八十的Haut-Diron紅酒的出口目的地就是美國。所以這個精明的生意人顯然完成了一樁非常賺錢的買賣。

1960年,在大膽的美國人的支持下,莊園的釀酒師開始採用創新的不銹鋼發酵桶技術釀酒,為打破了百年來波爾多名莊使用法國橡木桶釀制紅酒的傳統,獨闢蹊徑的創造了具有獨特口感的新時代名莊紅酒。1970年份的Chateau Haut-Brion在1976年大名鼎鼎的巴黎品酒會上獲得了第四名的成績。
Chateau Haut-Brion種植了55%的CS,25%的Merlot和20%的C.Franc葡萄。平均每株葡萄樹的樹齡達到30年。

Chateau Haut-Brion口味豐富、成熟,中度飽滿的感覺,在結構上具有特色。風韻優雅,而又不乏力量,可謂是優雅和豐富俱佳的性格女人。配餐方面,推薦牛排,羊排和小塊牛肉和燒烤野味。
Chateau Bahans Haut-Brion 是傳承了奧比昂堡經典傳統的副牌紅酒。

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