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Bruno Clair,Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2016’(BH:95’) ♥ Do’nt Miss!! 金丘區重要的經典酒莊

酒款名稱 Bruno Clair,Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2016’(BH:95’) ♥ Do’nt Miss!! 金丘區重要的經典酒莊
年份 2016’
葡萄品種 Pinot Noir
售價 NT$14500 詢價聯絡單
介紹/說明 酒莊擁有的葡萄園都位於精華地帶, 且多數為6-70年老籐。這些黑皮諾紅葡萄酒的風格強勁,但又不失優雅本色,深受消費者和酒評家的喜愛和好評。
試飲評論 2015’ BH Score: 96 / Tasted: Jan 15, 2018 / Drink: 2040+ / Issue: 69/♥ Do’nt Miss!!
Note: from a 1.60 ha parcel on the Morey side where the soil is more white than red
Tasting note: A discreet application of wood easily allows the liqueur-like dark currant aromas that are liberally cut with earth and spice nuances to be appreciated. Otherwise there is superb richness to the full-bodied, powerful and concentrated broad-shouldered flavors that possess a velvety and mouth coating palate feel, all wrapped in a gorgeously complex and persistent finish. This isn’t quite as classy as the Bèze but it brings a number of other attributes to the table. Note well though that this isn’t even remotely going to be an early drinker so plenty of patience will be necessary, indeed I would go so far as to say that it would be pointless to even think about opening a bottle before its 15th birthday.

2016’ BH Score: 93-95 / Tasted: Jan 15, 2018 / Drink: 2036+ / Issue: 69 / ♥ Don’t miss!
Note: from a 1.60 ha parcel on the Morey side where the soil is more white than red
Tasting note: Like the Bèze there is a moderate lashing of toasty oak framing the spiced mix of various red berries, earth and floral hints. There is even more power if not necessarily more size and weight to the big-bodied and very serious flavors that flex plenty of muscle on the superbly persistent finish. This knockout effort is even more structured than its grand cru counterpart and again, this will indisputably not be a wine for early drinking.

Domaine Bruno Clair創建於1979年,坐落在金丘(Cote d’Or)最北端的(Marsannay)村,是該產區內一座年輕的精品酒莊;也是金丘區重要的經典酒莊。

Bruno Clair 現任莊主,為人和善,受他的邀請,極富才華的釀酒師(Philippe Brun)來到酒莊釀酒。如今,兩人的合作已長達25年。在他們的共同努力之下,酒莊葡萄園的面積已經擴展到24公頃,而酒莊出品的酒款種類繁多包含 Gevrey Chambertin、Chambolle Musigny、Morey St Denis、Vosne Romanee及Aloxe-Corton等多個產區。

Bruno熱衷於葡萄種植和葡萄園的管理,被戲稱為長在葡萄園中的男人。他力行生物動力法(Bio-dynamic )來管理葡萄園,並堅決不使用殺蟲劑。希望在不久的將來,酒莊所有的葡萄園都能夠實行100%的有機種植法。他深信好地塊、老籐及精進釀製技術是一切的根源 !!

酒莊擁有的葡萄園都位於精華地帶, 且多數為6-70年老籐。這些黑皮諾紅葡萄酒的風格強勁,但又不失優雅本色,深受消費者和酒評家的喜愛和好評。

BH Score: 95’ /Tasted: Jan 15, 2017 /Drink: 2033+ /Issue: 65
Note: from a .63 ha parcel on the Morey side where the soil is more white than red; in 2014 this was vinified with <15% whole clusters
Tasting note: A brooding and much less expressive nose grudgingly reveals notes of both red and dark berries, earth, tangerine peel and spice nuances. This is even bigger and more powerful with its mouth coating broad-shouldered flavors that possess plenty of muscle before culminating in an explosive but tightly wound finish that just goes on and on. This is quite simply terrific but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, plenty of patience will be required.

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