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Henri Giraud,Fut de Chene Grand Cru Ay MV 14’(Decanter:96’) Vivino 4.5 ★★★★★媲美Krug的橡木桶香檳

酒款名稱 Henri Giraud,Fut de Chene Grand Cru Ay MV 14’(Decanter:96’) Vivino 4.5 ★★★★★媲美Krug的橡木桶香檳
年份 MV 14’
葡萄品種 Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
售價 NT$4800 詢價聯絡單
介紹/說明 風格獨特的Henri Giraud也毫無意外地成為了香檳中的貴價酒,這是可以媲美Krug庫克香檳的真正的橡木桶香檳。
試飲評論 MV13’ Vinous Rating:97’
Tasting Note: "The MV 13 Brut Fût de Chêne is one of the most riveting wines I have ever tasted at Henri Giraud. Rich and spherical, with tremendous textural resonance, the 2013 possesses off the charts intensity in every direction. White flowers, smoke, crushed rocks and citrus build into the intense, palate-staining finish. The imprint of the house style is very strong in all of these wines, but the 2013 stands out for its explosive vertical lift and vibrancy. Simply put, the 2013 is a new benchmark wine for Henri Giraud. It is a flat-out stunning wine that Giraud fans will absolutely not want to miss. Disgorged: March 20, 2018." 97/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous

MV14’ Decanter Rating:96’
Tasting Note:Composed of 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay, with most wines from the 2014 vintage, this is very complex on the nose, with delicate notes of spring flowers joined by elegantly toasted, smoky, woody touches. It’s a wine very much marked by the house style but which remains vinous and precise, vertical and dense. A gastronomic Champagne.

Champagne Henri Giraud酒莊由Giraud-Hémart家族創立,該家族在香檳區的歷史可追溯至1625年,至今歷經四個世紀的傳承,Claude Giraud,現任莊主是12代傳人。
他們也是香檳區少有的擁有葡萄園的生產商,並且在最核心的阿伊村Aÿ擁有35塊特級葡萄園。酒莊一直堅持以品質取勝,產量很低,在1990年之前,酒莊的香檳只面向法國和義大利的私人客戶,就像膜拜酒一樣有錢也很難喝到。直至Claude Giraud掌舵後,才將酒莊推向國際市場,開始讓全世界瞭解酒莊香檳的優異品質。

Claude Giraud是香檳區橡木風土開拓者,,富有強烈橡木桶的風土概念。除了探索香檳的風土,酒莊也投入非常多的精力關注橡木桶的風土。釀造過程中,用於陳年的橡木桶只選用來自當地的森林Argonne的木材。
Claude Giraud曾說:“There is no great wine without a great forest.”(沒有偉大的森林,就沒有偉大的葡萄酒。)他堅信香檳產區的葡萄藤和它們周圍的森林之間有著微妙的聯繫。

ARGONNE是其頂級限量香檳,70%Pinot和30%Chardonnay來自Ay Grand Cru 特級田. 在"Argonne"橡木桶醇化,對於高檔香檳愛好者,這香檳可稱為勞斯萊斯。

另外最具特色的就是其1990開始釀制的 Fut de Chene(橡木桶的意思)系列。
Fût de Chêne從第一個年份1990開始,只在最佳年份生產,區分為進階版的年份香檳,即“Argonne”;以及另一款為年份調配香檳 (MV= Multi Vintage),即為”Fût de Chêne MV”。只有挑選上好的年份為主體進行調配,如此款”Fût de Chêne MV14”即是以2014年份為 其 主體,風格獨特的Henri Giraud也毫無意外地成為了香檳中的貴價酒,這是可以媲美Krug庫克香檳的真正的橡木桶香檳。

Wine Spectator Score: 94 Issue Dec 31, 2014
Tasting Note; Elegant overall, with a refined, creamy texture and beautiful integration. This rich Champagne displays power and focus, with expansive flavors of baked currant, plum, bread dough, crystallized honey, ground clove, grated coconut and ginger on the long-lasting finish. Drink now through 2024

Aÿ Grand Cru (Multi-Vintage; based on 2013)
This is the continuity of the Henri Giraud Fut de Chene signature (last vintage of Fut de Chene : 2000 after a selection of 1990, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999)
First MV based in 2005, released end of 2012, then MV07, MV09, MV10, MV12
A unique Champagne on the Market by its packaging and whole concept
Handmade/ luxury artisanat and craftsmanship
Designed to be recognizable and accessible all around the world in the greatest capitals to our international travelling Fan Club

80% Pinot Noir/ 20% Chardonnay
70% 2013 wines blended with 30% older reserve wines aged in “Solera”
12 months of vinification (FA + FML) over full lees in Argonne oak barrels
5 years on yeast into the bottle

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